Navajo Nation Council rejects immunity bill
The Navajo Nation Council voted down a bill that would have given delegates immunity from arrest during legislative sessions.

The bill would have provided limited privilege from arrest for certain civil infractions such as speeding, jaywalking, running a stop sign or hauling livestock without a permit, The Farmington Daily Times reported. Council Speaker Lawrence Morgan said state and federal lawmakers enjoy similar privileges.

But opponents said the bill would lead to abuse of the system. It failed in a 48-20 vote.

In related news, the council approved a bill to require school board members to attend all board meetings. Any board member who misses three consecutive meetings can be automatically dismissed.

The council also confirmed Herb Yazzie to a lifetime term as chief justice of the Navajo Nation Supreme Court. The vote was 64-2.

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Navajo Nation delegate immunity bill fails (The Farmington Daily Times 10/18)
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Navajo chief justice confirmed to lifetime term (AP 10/18)

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