Navajo man resigns from New Mexico Legislature
Leonard Tsosie is resigning from his seat in the New Mexico Legislature so that he can serve in the Navajo Nation Council.

Tsosie was elected to the New Mexico Senate in 1993. In November, he won election to the Navajo council, to represent the Torreon, Pueblo Pintado and Whitehorse Lake chapters.

That triggered a legal battle because the tribal election code states that an elected official can't serve two legislative bodies at the same time. Tsosie argued that fundamental law, which allows Navajos to freely choose their leaders, trumped the election code.

The Navajo Supreme Court disagreed, forcing Tsosie to make a choice. He decided to go with his tribe and was sworn in on Monday, the opening day of the council's winter session.

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N.M. Legislator Chooses Navajo Council Over State Senate (AP 1/23)

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