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Native America Calling: No ordinary animal
Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Horses: no ordinary animal
The early bond between Native Americans and horses was both technical and spiritual.

For centuries, horses amplified the range and power for tribes, especially in the west. New discoveries are potentially rewriting what we know about the use of horses by the earliest inhabitants of North America.

Those ancient bonds translate into a lasting spiritual and vocational connection that continues for those who work with horses.

Join Native America Calling to hear from some of them about how Native knowledge and horses go together.

North American Indian Days
A scene from the North American Indian Days in Montana. Photo: Jeff Few

Guests on Native America Calling
Dustina Abrahamson (Lemhi-Shoshone and Bannock), member of the Gathering of Nations Horse Parade Committee

George Goode (Yaqui), master farrier and president of the Native American Horse Education Foundation

Emerson Sam (Diné), horse trainer and farrier

Raquel Sam (Diné), Gathering of Nations horse and rider regalia parade competitor and fashion designer

Tommy Sam (Diné), horseback and professional bull rider

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