Column: Indian students feel racism over 'Fighting Sioux'
"It was with great shock and sadness I read of Archie Fool Bear’s scoffing at the stories American Indian students told of their experiences at UND, saying, “They’re making everything out of nothing."

The students’ experiences are what C. Pierce, a Harvard psychiatrist, coined as “racial microaggressions,” defined as the subtle indignities and insults heaped on minorities during everyday exchanges, the demeaning messages sent to people of color by white people.

These subtle, stunning, often automatic acts of disregard and non-verbal exchanges which are put- downs of minorities by offenders, stem from unconscious attitudes of white superiority. This form of racism, though pervasive, is seldom investigated.

Instances may appear small, banal and trivial, but researchers are beginning to find they assail the mental health of recipients. In and of itself, a microaggression may seem harmless, but the cumulative burden of a lifetime of microaggression can contribute to a corrosive effect on confidence and the lives of Indian people."

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Denise Lajimodiere: Indian students unmasked racial microaggressions (The Grand Forks Herald 5/8)

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