Erich Longie: Such an outpouring of support for Indians
"We tribal members who attend or attended UND and are against the Fighting Sioux nickname have very good reasons for wanting that nickname to go. Our first-hand accounts about the “hostile and abusive” nature of the nickname and logo cannot be discredited by the pro-logo side.

So, they ignore our concerns and instead conjure up reasons to restore the nickname and logo.

On April 18, The Forum newspaper of Fargo published an editorial headlined, “UND logo fallout gets silly.” It pointed out that the tactics used by pro-logo supporters to restore a racist nickname and logo were — well, silly.

Apparently this prompted the use of a new strategy by nickname supporters: the old “smoke and mirrors” trick.

After being called “silly” by The Forum, almost every letter writer to the Herald in support of the nickname wrote nothing but positive statements about us Indians. Man! I never read so many nice things about us in my whole life.

And why all this sudden outpouring of generosity? Because it is a ruse — maybe not a conscious ruse, but a ruse nonetheless.

The ruse is a softening-up ploy that takes the form of false generosity. Writing positive things about us is supposed to make all the problems associated with the Fighting Sioux nickname and logo “disappear.”"

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Erich Longie: Ignore nickname fans’ ‘smoke and mirrors’ (The Grand Forks Herald 4/29)

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North Dakota Supreme Court Decision:
Davidson v. North Dakota (April 8, 2010)

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