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Yellow Bird: Cookbook helped Mom feed family of 15
Monday, December 11, 2006

"On Thursday evening, as I searched my collection of cookbooks for a cookie recipe, I found an old cookbook that my mother, Dorothy, loaned to me a few years before she died. After some research, my editor and I determined it was Meta Given's "Modern Encyclopedia of Cooking."

We had a hard time finding the title because the cover and some of the pages were missing. It's a giant book (more than 1,600 pages), published about 1949.

As I opened the discolored and stained pages, I knew my mother had paged through this cookbook looking for a recipe many times. My mother was a very creative cook; she had few luxuries and made do many times with substitutes.

I thought about her and my life in that old house in Minot, where I lived with my large family. A warm feeling came over me as I read from the old book. I could almost feel her looking over my shoulder.

Mom cooked for a family of 15, and sometimes, that was a real challenge. Yet, she was always cheerful, and she hummed or sang while she cooked or made bread."

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The invading Christians labeled the indigenous people as heathens. They set out with a vengeance to cleanse the land of these heathens.

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It’s hard to believe 10 years have already passed, but this month, U.S. Census postcards will show up in mailboxes across Cherokee Nation and the United States.

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The first annual Native American Elite Middle and High School Basketball Nationals is taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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It was sophomore year of high school when I first noticed him and I knew he was different.

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Our laws and legal processes, as they relate to Facebook and its Big Tech brethren, are inadequate and unethical.

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Eric True Blood, Oglala Lakota from Sheridan, Wyoming, does not consider himself a hero.

Cronkite News: Ski resort on sacred land moves forward with major expansion

The U.S. Forest Service approved a $60 million expansion of a privately-owned ski resort in the sacred San Francisco Peaks.

Elizabeth Cook-Lynn: There is no room for Indians here

Are your reading habits diverse and open to all ideas? Or do you, like many of us, just read from the sources that agree with us?

Indian Health Service nominee in limbo amid another high-profile crisis

The Indian Health Service remains without a permanent leader as the coronavirus emerges as the latest crisis for the agency.

Umatilla Tribes reopen casino after addressing coronavirus

The Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation reopened their gaming facility after addressing fears connected to the coronavirus in Oregon.

Native Sun News Today: Alcohol sales at Oglala Sioux casinos up for vote

Voters of the Oglala Sioux Tribe are being asked to approve the sale of alcohol at gaming establishments on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

Charmaine White Face: What stereotyping does

If you take out the words "tribal" and "Indian" all you have left are patients fighting a federal agency for health care.

Clara Caufield: Leroy Whiteman makes his journey to the Next Camp

Traditionally, uncles played the role of disciplinarians, teachers and advisors in Northern Cheyenne society, a role Leroy Whiteman took very seriously.

Cronkite News: Navajo Nation transitions to a new energy reality

"Right now, throughout the world, we’re not taking care of our lands," Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez said.

Tribes head to Capitol Hill for 'historic' hearing on taxation issues

A hearing on tax issues in Indian Country features all four tribal citizens who serve in Congress for the first time in history.

Lawmakers look at Trump's Indian Country budget request

President Trump is proposing cuts to the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Bureau of Indian Education.

Indian Country Today: A 'human rights catastrophe' at Cayuga Nation

A Cayuga leader's decision to tear down 12 properties with the assistance of newly-sworn in tribal police officers has sparked a series of protests and altercation in New York.

Homeland Secrets: Shootings by Homeland Security agents get little scrutiny

Federal law enforcement shootings have escaped heightened scrutiny even though most of the victims have been black, Hispanic or Native American,

Tim Giago: Charles Trimble's passing leaves a big hole in the world of Native journalism

When Charles Trimble first showed up at the boarding school on the Pine Ridge Reservation, he was dropped off by his mother.

Senate Committee on Indian Affairs takes up Indian energy and tribal wildlife bills

Tribal energy development and tribal wildlife management are on the agenda for the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs.

Indian Country Today: Warnings for tribes as coronavirus spreads

"Tribes are not prepared for the coronavirus," one health expert told ICT.

Running Strong for American Indian Youth announces 'Dreamstarters'

Olympic gold medalist Billy Mills announced the sixth class of Indian youth to receive $10,000 grants for projects that help them bring their dreams to life.

Doug George-Kanentiio: Why Canada's reconciliation plans have failed

Go to the hell you tried to create for us on this earth.

Albert Bender: Boom for whom? The 'zombie idea' of a booming Trump economy

This economy is terrible, for millions, as usual. The U.S. public must not be hoodwinked by fraudulent numbers.

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The subjects of the 'Warrior Women' film are speaking out against the dangers of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

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What do our non-Lakota neighbors know about life here on the Pine Ridge?

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Two Arizonans -- one of them a tribal leader -- brought two very different ideas about the border wall to a hearing in the nation's capital.

The Conversation: How Wet'suwet'en butterflies offer lessons in resilience and resistance

The world is beginning to better understand that the core of extractive industries are tied to deep political and economic conflicts related to the settler-colonial present and a shared colonial history.

Montana Free Press: The push is on for recreational marijuana

According to an analysis by multistate marijuana provider Verilife, the place with the largest number of dispensaries in the country per 50,000 residents is in Montana.

Tribes at odds with governor over expansion of gaming in Connecticut

The Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation and the Mohegan Tribe want to expand gaming in Connecticut but the governor is backing rival legislation that could undermine their rights.

Democratic presidential race sees shakeup amid questions about one candidate's 'Native' ancestry

The Democratic presidential race got a major jolt over the weekend as one candidate continues to face questions about Indian ancestry claims.

House Committee on Ways and Means schedules first ever hearing on tribal taxation

The Democratic-led House Committee on Ways and Means will be taking up tribal taxation issues for the first time at a hearing in the nation's capital.

Tim Giago: Learning a trade at the boarding school

Everybody who came to the Holy Rosary Mission Boarding School on the Pine Ridge Reservation worked.

Chuck Hoskin: Cherokee Youth Summit builds leadership

At Cherokee Nation, we focus on empowering the next generation of leaders at every level.

Rep. Tom Cole: Socialism is not the American way

The Democratic Party’s tightening embrace of socialist proposals and politicians is real cause for alarm, especially in a country whose very foundation is liberty.

Rep. Markwayne Mullin: Career and technical education helps build the American dream

We all have our own idea of what our American Dream looks like and having a job helps us accomplish that goal.

Native Sun News Today: Native warrior damaged in body but not in spirit

Eric True Blood, Oglala Lakota from Sheridan, Wyoming, does not consider himself a hero.

Elizabeth Cook-Lynn: The Lakota Food Summit gives hope to our people

The Lakota Food Summit drew hundreds of us to talk about how to eat, how to cook, how to pay attention to the environment and how to engage in plantings and harvesting of foods that sustained our ancestors for centuries.

Cronkite News: Sacred sites desecrated to make way for Trump's border wall

An emotional Tohono O'odham Nation chairman said blasting sacred sites to build a border wall has "forever damaged our people."

YES! Magazine: Project promotes sustainability on Pine Ridge Reservation

Building sustainable communities is the antidote to fear of a changing climate.

Umatilla Tribes shut down casino and takes precautions as coronavirus hits Indian Country

A casino employee tested 'presumptive positive' for the coronavirus, prompting the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation into action.

Oklahoma governor won't let Indian ancestry doubts derail gaming dispute

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt (R) is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation but the tribe once tried to remove his ancestors from their rolls.

Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe loses appeal in homelands case

The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe isn't giving up despite a negative ruling from a federal appeals court.

'He was punished for sexual harassment': #MeToo allegations at NCAI resurface in court

The National Congress of American Indians drove another nail into the coffin of its senior-most attorney following his ouster from the organization.

Native Sun News Today: Trump seeks major changes in environmental reviews

Indigenous leaders were among the many who raised their voices at one of only two hearings on a Trump administration proposal to roll back environmental policy.

Trail in honor of Ponca Chief Standing Bear takes big step forward

Efforts to memorialize the 550-mile path that the Ponca people were forced to walk in the late 1800s are getting a major boost.

Witness list for hearing on Trump administration destroying sacred sites for border wall

The House Subcommittee for Indigenous Peoples of the United States will be discussing the Trump administration's destruction of sacred sites at a hearing in Washington, D.C.

Supreme Court schedules hearing in lone Indian Country case

Indian Country remains united as the nation's highest court prepares to hear the only tribal law case on the docket.

Tribal Citizens: Progress for Democrats and Indian Country

Legendary Native activist Frank LaMere had a journal with three words on the cover: 'Make things happen.'

Native Sun News Today: Lakota Tech enrolls first class of students

A new high school is opening on the Pine Ridge Reservation in the fall of 2020.

Elizabeth Cook-Lynn: Sending a clearer message about hate crime

Motives are often deliberately obscured by the non-Indian community that cannot bear to look at its own history concerning Indian-White hostility.

Cronkite News: Copper mine opposed by tribes suffers another setback in court

A federal judge has overturned environmental permits for the Rosemont Copper Mine, a controversial project opposed by tribes in Arizona.

'We’ve got to pay attention': Omaha Tribe declares emergency amid health and safety crisis

The Omaha Tribe of declared a state of emergency following weeks of tragedy in the community.

Tim Giago: Learning life's lessons on a sugar beet farm

We saw other Lakota families working in the beet fields in the summer of 1949.

Doug George-Kanentiio: The myth of band councils as First Nations

Let us begin by acknowledging the fact that band councils are not First Nations while beginning the process of restoring our peoples to true national status.

Chuck Hoskin: Cherokee Nation heirloom seeds bound for global seed vault

The Cherokee Nation is the first tribe in the U.S. to receive an invitation to deposit its traditional seeds in the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway.

Brian Lightfoot Brown: Carcieri 'fix' still in limbo more than a decade later

Ever since Europeans began venturing to and settling in the New World, the ultimate removal of the Indigenous peoples was to be the plan.

Native Sun News Today: Oglala Sioux Tribe reaffirms stance against pipeline donations

The Oglala Sioux Tribe doesn't accept donations from oil companies but that didn't stop one district from cashing a $50,000 Keystone XL Pipeline check.

Ivan Star Comes Out: Forced assimilation has successfully weakened Lakota people

Ten years attending an on-reservation parochial residential school shaped the rest of my life.

Rosalyn LaPier: How a Native American coming-of-age ritual is making a comeback

The Ojibwe people are revitalizing the 'berry fast,' a coming-of-age ritual for girls.

Cronkite News: Gearing up for the 2020 census

"We have met one-on-one with all of the tribal nations in the state of Arizona," an official from the U.S. Census Bureau said.

The Revelator: Trump administration rolls back water quality standards

States with fewer local protections and resources will suffer the most — as will their people and wildlife.

Native Sun News Today: Making Montana Proud poster project

An Indian Education for All project in Montana features successful and inspirational Native role models.

Native Sun News Today Editorial: A moron unleashed

Native Americans have always been pushed aside and now the rest of America can get a taste of how that feels.

Cronkite News: Trump continues rush to build border wall

The Trump administration took another step toward expediting a border wall, waiving federal contracting regulations to fast track construction in four states.

'This really signifies the need in the community': Native firm expands counseling services

A Native woman-owned counseling firm with offices in three tribal communities is expanding its reach.

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