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Bad Eagle: I want to get paid like a fake Indian too

"The University of Colorado has announced its decision to fire Ward Churchill, the man who has faked being Indian, produced erroneous scholarship, and even plagiarized art. Would it be unthinkable then to hire a real Indian in his place, one who has two masters, an artist diploma, and a doctorate, and who was born an enrolled member of a recognized Indian tribe? So, hire me.

If CU Boulder is willing to fess up to the fact that they paid a fake $100,000 a year to hate America in the name of being Indian, why don�t they try hiring a real Indian who loves America? I have academic credentials and more years experience teaching at the college level than Churchill did before he was hired.

Of course, I would have to make a few demands to insure equal treatment with Churchill. CU would have to offer me the same privileges it gave to Ward Churchill. Here are my propositions, based on what CU�s own committee found:

* $200,000 a year starting salary. (Hey, at least I�m a real Indian.)"

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David Yeagley: Give Me the Churchill Treatment (Front Page Magazine 7/10)

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