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Bad Eagle: Indian leaders today are pitiful

"While the leftists are trying to find a way to blame whites, some Indians blame Indian country itself [for the Red Lake shootings]. Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley Jr. says the tragedy stems from 'the loss of tribal culture.' David Anderson (Ojibwe) says 'hopelessness and despair on reservations are to blame for poor student achievement,' and avers, 'schools, parents and tribes need to work together to instill a sense of success among Native youth.'

But how can tribal culture be preserved when low-end pop culture, such as rap and hip-hop, gangs, drug dealers, and casino swindlers are either ignored or praised by so-called Indian leaders and invited onto the reservation?

How can Indian leaders instill a sense of success among Native youth when the Bellecourt bellyachers preach discontent, broadcast juvenile resentment and anger, and set the example of perpetual immaturity?

How can Indian parents expect to help our youth when parents are drunk, drugged, or otherwise absent from the home?"

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David Yeagley: Whining "Indians" Exploit Terri Schiavo (Front Page Magazine 3/29)

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