David Yeagley: Democrats do nothing for Indians
Friday, March 26, 2004

"What does a career Indian protester do when he realizes the Left has failed him and his people? Ask Russell Means, Olgala Sioux of Pine Ridge, South Dakota. Mr. Means recently endorsed Republican John Thune’s bid for the Senate. Thune is running against Democrat incumbent Tom Daschle. Means now calls himself a “Lakota Libertarian Republican.”

It makes perfect sense. There has been little improvement in Indian country under the Democrats. Conditions in South Dakota reservations certainly haven’t improved under Daschle. What’s an Indian to do politically? "I'm going to work with Sen. Thune's staff,” says Means, “and the state Republican Party, and that will open doors to work with the National Republican Party to completely change Indian policy in America.""

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Fighting "Federal Communism" on the Reservation (Front Page Magazine 3/26)

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