Harjo: David Yeagley Comanche or Cracknut?
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"You probably never heard of David A. Yeagley [aka Bad Eagle]. He’s the darling of the right wingnuts, especially David Horowitz, who pays Yeagley for columns that attack Indians (mostly women) and advocate ultra-conservative positions.

While parroting the Horowitz line against affirmative action, Yeagley is a virtual poster child for getting a leg up because he is, as he writes incessantly, "an enrolled Comanche."

Nearly a lifer of a student, he claims credentials from Arizona, Emory, Hartford, Harvard, Oberlin and Yale, and describes himself as a pianist, composer, lyricist, portrait artist, social worker, gourd dancer, flute player and professor of humanities and psychology.

Yeagley’s Web site claims that he teaches at the University of Oklahoma’s College of Liberal Arts. OU doesn’t have one of those, but it does have a College of Liberal Studies, which is quick to point out that Yeagley taught only "one course, one time" in the fall of 2001. The Horowitz Web site also falsely states that Yeagley teaches at OU.

His brush with greatness occurred when he was fired from Oklahoma State University for, as he claims, "being conservative" and promoting "patriotism" in the classroom. He later lobbied for a state bill to require public education courses on patriotism. When it fell short of passage, he blamed the failure on a "lone leftist" legislator."

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