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Bad Eagle: Columbus would be surprised today

American Indian leaders today often brag about the spirituality of Indian people. They point out that this spirituality was one of the first things Christopher Columbus noticed when he initially encountered Indian people. But what would Columbus think today, if he were to encounter the modern, casino Indian? What would he think of the tribes and leaders who enrich themselves by the white man�s vice, and neglect their own people?

Let�s say Columbus landed in Connecticut, rather than the West Indies. Suppose he first encountered the Mashantucket-Pequot club, and their Foxwoods casino. The first thing he would notice is that they aren�t Indian, but black. So, that would have made him think he landed on the East African coast. That would require a serious re-adjustment of his geographic orientation."

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What Would Columbus Think of Today's Indians? (Front Page Magazine 10/11)

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