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Bad Eagle: Not all 'Indians' belong in museum

"It�s official: the new National Museum of the American Indian declares all brown-skinned people of the Western hemisphere are now �American Indian.� All �indigenous� people of North, Central, and South America, and even Pacific Islanders, are aggrandized in the $219 million dollar showcase of brown pride. The NMAI is shrine for native resentment � a cultural center for anti-white, anti-European sentiments.

What globalist, racist visionaries are behind this protest of Western civilization? They�re a little secretive about their identity. According to Douglass Cardinal, original architect, Rockefeller is a key player. The museum is part of the Smithsonian, but they�re saying more than half the funding ($100 million) for this new NMAI came from �private� donations. (That�s a clue to look for leftist donors, like maybe the people who partied at the opening ceremonies, like maybe Robert Redford and Teresa Heinz-Kerry?)"

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David Yeagley: The Smithsonian Redistributes Honor (Front Page Magazine 9/28)

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