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Bad Eagle: Ward Churchill despises Indian blood

"[Controversial University of Colorado professor Ward] Churchill doesn�t believe in blood quantum requirements anyway. �You don't measure identity by either pounds or percentage points unless you're some kind of Nazi,� he said in 1994.

Always concerned about Nazis, this Ward Churchill, but it�s clear he is functionally anti-Indian, as well as anti-American. According to Churchill�s definition, you�re Indian if you want to be. It�s about knowledge, culture, and tradition. It�s a like a religion. It�s not a race at all. Churchill despises Indian blood.

This is truly outrageous. Ward Churchill has made a career out of accusing the United States of committing genocide against Indians and other minorities, but he advocates the non-existence of the Indian race. Sounds like a genocide to me."

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David Yeagley: Ward Churchill Exploits Indians (Front Page Magazine 2/28)

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