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Bad Eagle: White woman in Indian dress OK with me

"Shandi Finnessey, Miss America entry in the 2004 Miss Universe, contest chose an American Indian image as her theme for the �native costume� competition. No, she�s not Indian, and no, her northern plains war bonnet costume was not authentic. But this beautiful blonde, blue-eyed white girl from Florissant, Missouri new what visual image distinguishes her country from all others: the northern plains American Indian war bonnet.

And immediately Indians protest! That is, the professional, liberal Indians. That is, one or two.

Are they unaware of Keith DeHaas, of Norman, Oklahoma? DeHaas is a successful Indian entrepreneur, originally from North Dakota, in fact�Standing Rock Lakota Sioux. He created the famous Rez Dog Clothing company, operating out of Norman.

DeHaas has created yearly calendars, with hot shots of Indian girls modeling bikinis. This is as far from Indian tradition as possible. This is completely outrageous, and brings no honor to Indian people, no respect for tradition, nor does it encourage Indian young people to follow the traditions. This is the ultimate assimilation�adopting the modes of sexual attraction of the foreign, conquering race."

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Miss America Made Me Proud (Front Page Magazine 6/22)

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