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Jodi Rave: Chippewa Cree artist honored for work


First Peoples Fund to honor four Native artists
First Peoples Fund -
"Merle Big Bow has been selling his artwork the only sure way he's known - by knocking on doors and showing completed work to employees in the local tribal building.

These kind of sales typically work when selling lower-priced items, such as dream catchers or miniature drums. But it's a little more difficult trying to sell a $1,500 painted rawhide drum on a doorstep.

�That's a lot of artists' downfall,� said Big Bow, a Chippewa Cree cultural artist who lives on the Flathead Reservation in western Montana. �They don't have the selling experience.� It's a situation that's kept Big Bow employed full time as a police officer and, most recently, as a building maintenance man. But the artist made a decision two years ago to quit his job and spend more time carving chief staffs, painting buckskin and stretching rawhide over bows.

The First Peoples Fund, a traditional Native art advocacy organization in Rapid City, S.D., recently recognized Big Bow's commitment to art by choosing the artist as one of four business leader art fellows for 2006."

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Jodi Rave: Organization recognizes Chippewa Cree man for marketing Native art works (The Missoulian 1/27)

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