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Jodi Rave Lee: It feels good to be a grandmother

"I love my baby. Even when she cries, she's sweet, so adorable. She stares at me through chokecherry eyes. And then she makes those irresistible newborn noises, wee little sounds squeaking through infant lungs, little peeps accompanied by long, expressive, meaningful stretches.

She has no idea how cute she is.

OK. This little baby is not mine. But I'm ready to claim her as my own.

Her name is Alexandrea.

She was born six weeks ago in Minot, N.D., just in time to witness a presidential election. She went to the polls Nov. 2, but she wasn't subjected to waiting in line. She and her dad dropped me off so I could vote, and drove me home when I was done.

She slept through most of that. But I was glad she was there, if only briefly.

I want her to experience life, to be a part of the world around her."

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Grandchild opens new door in life (The Missoulian 11/23)

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