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Jodi Rave Lee: Trail tells story of Nez Perce

"A trail, and its story, snakes through thousands of ponderosa and lodgepole pines high in the Bitterroot Mountains.

While most may never get near it, there are those who can still see the Nez Perce women and children who walked it 127 years ago.

Pines on this trail tell a story. Voices bleed through slabs of bark peeled from the trees.

It is the story of extraordinary grit, one that led 750 Nez Perce - two thirds of them women and children - on a 1,700-mile flight through Washington, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. The tribe surrendered on a snowy October day in 1877."

Get the Story:
Nez Perce history not forgotten (The Missoulian 10/9)

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