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Jodi Rave: What was 'Kokopelli' professor thinking?

"What was professor Andrew Gulliford thinking?

Had he convinced himself his Native students were truly tacit and would stand for publication of their names, thoughts and ideas without consent?

Gulliford, director of the Center for Southwest Studies at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colo., borrowed from their private conversations, final exams and classroom discussions for recent use in an academic journal.

"The stories they tell me, an Anglo professor, and the things they have to say are as powerful as anything one can learn from books," he wrote for the American Studies International.

His students mystified him. "Some students have extraordinary sensitivities. They can detect the presence of spirits from centuries past."

At times they floored him with questions. "Why can't you white people handle Indian sexuality?""

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Jodi Rave: Professor's 'research' rife with stereotypes (The Missoulian 12/12)

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