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Jodi Rave: Deloria unknown because he's Indian

"Vine Deloria Jr. could inspire me to hero worship, even though he once told me to get the hell out of his office.

No matter. In the course of interviewing thousands of people, attending hundreds of lectures and reading as many books, both as a student and journalist, it's difficult to find a more witty or riveting man than Deloria.

Although he's a revered icon in the universe of indigenous thought and perspective, some might ask, 'Who is Vine Deloria?'

I asked my husband - who's enjoyed talking with Deloria about philosophy, oral tradition, scientific theory and Immanuel Velikovsky - why the venerated Lakota from South Dakota wasn't known to more people.

'Because he's Indian,' he said."

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Jodi Rave: Why is Deloria unknown? (The Rapid City Journal 1/23)

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