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Jodi Rave: The best fry bread in Indian Country?

"Who makes the best fry bread? Navajos? Other Natives? It depends if you like it sweet and fluffy or round and flat.

Most fry bread cooks I know aim for fluff. It's good for dipping in a bowl of corn soup and soaking up juice.

But I've met plenty of Navajos who frown on northern fry bread.

My Navajo mother-in-law makes some of the best fry bread I've ever tasted. Half the pleasure is watching her shape it. She quickly pats and flaps the dough between her hands - a real dough flapping pro.

She never rolls or stretches it, either. That's not her style. She helps Navajos take their place among champion fry bread makers."

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Jodi Rave: Do Navajos make the best fry bread? (Lee Enterprises 7/29)

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