Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux Tribe says 'Yes' in alcohol vote (August 14, 2013)

Yesterday, the citizens of Oglala Sioux Nation said “Yes” to the legalization of alcohol on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Cherokee Nation reaches compact for expanded car tag sales (August 14, 2013)

The Cherokee Nation will be expanding car tag sales throughout all of Oklahoma.

Sycuan Band hosting ceremony for approval of land-into-trust (August 14, 2013)

The Sycuan Band of Kumeyaay Indians in California will host a ceremony tomorrow for approval of its land-into-trust application.

Moapa Band set to start construction on big solar power plant (August 14, 2013)

The Moapa Band of Paiute Indians in Nevada expects to start work on a large-scale solar energy facility this fall.

Court orders resumption of Yucca Mountain nuclear waste site (August 14, 2013)

The Obama administration flouted the law when it stopped work on the controversial Yucca Mountain nuclear waste site in Nevada, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Tuesday.

Dina Gilio-Whitaker: Anti-ICWA groups suppress tribal identity (August 14, 2013)

Dina Gilio-Whitaker discusses her experience with the adoption industry and the Indian Child Welfare Act.

Jay Daniels: Land buy-back program won't help Indian Country (August 14, 2013)

Jay Daniels says Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations won't meet needs in Indian Country.

Oklahoma governor urges compromise in Baby Veronica case (August 14, 2013)

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin (R) won't be acting immediately on a request to extradite Dusten Brown, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, to South Carolina for failing to turn over his biological daughter to a non-Indian couple.

Deceased man who worked for Makah Nation called serial killer (August 14, 2013)

Federal authorities say a deceased man killed several people 11 people, including five during his time as an employee of the Makah Nation of Washington.

Oglala Sioux Tribe reports big turnout for referendum on liquor (August 14, 2013)

The Oglala Sioux Tribe of South Dakota saw large turnout for a referendum to legalize alcohol on the reservation on Tuesday.

Native Sun News: North Dakota tribes meet for annual summit (August 14, 2013)

Leaders of North Dakota tribes will continue a long tradition of meeting to talk about shared issues amongst their tribes.