Enron asked but didn't always get
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When Enron executives called Bush administration officials last fall to talk about the company's doomed future, no assistance was offered. When the company did the same months before, the White House didn't always listen either.

But just how much influence the bankrupt company had on the development of President Bush's national energy policy is still a question that is wanted answered by a number of Democrats. According to a review by The New York Times, however, the policy was hardly a birthday present for Enron.

The same might not be said for political appointees favored by the company. Former Enron chairman Ken Lay, who recently resigned amid pressure, gave names of people he wanted as energy regulators and Bush later named two to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

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Enron chairman gave list of favored names to White House; Bush named two as energy regulators (AP 1/31)
Enron Won Some and Lost Some in White House Energy Report (The New York Times 2/1)
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