Letters: Suggested alternatives for 'Redskins'

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From the Letters page of Jim Romenesko's MediaNews.

Stephen Carter: "I am a devoted fan of the Redskins (in fact, I hold season tickets), and, like Mr. Eldridge, I cannot stand the name. I wish the owner were more amenable to changing it. In the meanwhile, perhaps media outlets that prefer not to use the term "Redskin" could try another name. I even have a suggestion.  Given the way the media cover Washington -- and given the way the team plays -- I would propose "the Washington Scandal." One can envision headlines: "Scandal Rocks New York" or "Scandal Proves Mere Minor Irritant for Saints."

Peter Moore: "If you don't think that the Washington Redskins or Cleveland Indians (with their good-naturedly comic mascot Chief Wahoo) are offensive, how about if a German soccer team decided to name itself the Frankfurt Juden and use a skinny, thick-lensed-glasses-wearing, big-nosed cartoon character named Hymie as their mascot."

Dave Cohen: "George Preston Marshall was the owner who named the team, which was then based in Boston. Marshall was not an admirable character. Among other things, he was the one owner who declined to sign any black players until 1962 . . ."

Earle Eldridge: "I was born and raised in Washington, D.C and I would like to support the Washington Redskins. But the name of the team is a blant racial slur. There is no reason such a high profile team in the Nation's Capitol should have such a name."

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