Wednesday, June 27, 2001

Feature Story:
In The Hoop (6/27)
Feature Story:
Plains men at high risk from heart disease (6/27)
Feature Story:
Indian Country ranks high in deaths (6/27)
Scientists to give up on whale (6/27)
Wetlands protection efforts faulted (6/27)
Plains tribes seek oil, gas development (6/27)
Goshute water problems criticized (6/27)
Bulldozing of Narragansett site stopped (6/27)
Yellowstone bison killed (6/27)
Marker for Sioux warrior dedicated (6/27)
N.Y. students don't want to give up 'Braves' (6/27)
Indian museum opens visitor center (6/27)
Crow college put on probation (6/27)
Casino works with Puerto Rican group (6/27)
Conn. budget includes casino aid (6/27)
Seneca compact bill delayed (6/27)
Jeffords switch breaks up 'mop-tops' (6/27)
McCaleb gets a replacement (6/27)
Senate panel debates judicial nominees (6/27)
Venetie foe given 'well-qualified' rating (6/27)
Former Clinton foe says he lied about Anita Hill (6/27)
Affirmative action foe up for civil rights post (6/27)
Today is national HIV testing day (6/27)
Tobacco toxins rules in effect in Canada (6/27)
Senate rejects patients' rights changes (6/27)
Indian women also at risk in S.D. (6/27)
Peltier protest held in Minn. (6/27)
Editorial: Indians are good mascots (6/27)
Coeur d'Alene Chairman: Lake ownership (6/27)
Editorial: Inclusion of Natives overdue (6/27)
Search is on for Code Talker families (6/27)
Group proposes execution standards (6/27)
Death of Omaha man being investigated (6/27)
Suspended Seminole Chief to sue (6/27)
BIA to explain Pequot recognitions again (6/27)
Broken treaty still lives on (6/27)