Fort Belknap basketball team rewarded with sweets

A boys basketball team from the Fort Belknap Reservation in Montana will receive a sweet treat from Pizza Hut after a bitter end to its winning season.

The Harlem High School team was forced to forfeit a first-round game in the Northern B Divisional Tournament when a standout player's warm up dunk accidentally shattered a glass blackboard. State rules allow dunks during games but prohibit them during warm-ups.

The story of Isaiah Martin's dunk made national headlines, prompting the national pizza chain to throw a party for the school. The Hershey's Chocolate Dunkers will be delivered to students this afternoon.

"Rules, schmules. When we heard the news of your remarkable pregame dunk and the forfeit that followed, we wanted to send you our sincerest regards from one awesome dunker to another," Pizza Hut said in a letter to Martin.

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