Troy Doney: A tribal post on Obama transition
"I was wondering whether or not President Elect Barack “Black Eagle” Obama was going to start showing American Indians some attention in his transition team. I was happy to read in Indian Country Today that President Elect Obama has created a new position, called “First Americans Public Liaison.” The position sounds like something of a Press Secretary/Ambassador, but not much is known about what the position will actually do.

Showing that this isn’t a hollow gesture meant to appease Native supporters, Obama has actually picked a Native to be the First Americans Public Liaison. It’s a pretty novel idea as far as Washington policy toward Natives goes. Wizipan Garriott, of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, apparently cannot comment on the news of his new job. But the phrase “aimed at honoring a nation-to-nation relationship with tribes” keeps popping up.

This is really good news for Natives. The policy of the previous administration left, um, something to be desired. As Jesse Jackson put it, “The President explained. You just didn’t understand. Sovereignty is sovereignty. You understand? It’s like in sovereignty. If you are on a reservation, you have been soverized. Your Ph.D. is in soverbication. You understand? I don’t think you understand.” "

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