Editorial: Indian Country needs $2B funding boost
"Where is the crisis? Where is the most need?

President elect Barack Obama will run headlong into answering those questions after he’s officially sworn in Jan. 20.

Considering the long list of needs — from the Big 3 to Wall Street and beyond — the interpretation of crisis and need will vary depending on whom you ask.

One area that should receive consideration for funding is the nation’s Indian reservations that are facing a health and public safety crisis.

In July, Congress approved a $2 billion request (as part of a $48 billion global AIDS bill) for water projects, public safety and health care on the nation’s reservations. For the money to actually be available to the tribes, however, it must be in the administration’s budget.

Just recently, 22 senators urged Obama to include the $2 billion for the tribes in the administration’s budget. There’s a crisis there, they say, and to not include provide the $2 billion to the projects — for law enforcement, health care and water, a dire situation gets only worse."

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Editorial: Tribes still need safety, health funding (The Rapid City Journal 12/18)

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