Editorial: Indian ancestors deserve proper burial
"Tomorrow, Americans sit down to a traditional feast which, the history books tell us, owes it origins to the resident American Indians' generosity in sharing their food with a starving Pilgrim settlement in Plymouth four centuries ago.

Sadly, these friendly relations did not last, and much blood was spilled in subsequent years right up until the end of the 19th century when the last remnants of the native population were pushed onto reservations out west.

The demise of the New England tribes came much earlier. But their history is no less important than that of the Europeans who supplanted them, and modern laws have sought to redress some of the wrongs inflicted on these Native Americans.

Officials in Hamilton now have a chance to accord a member of the Agawam tribe, whose remains were found in Ipswich back in the 1980s, a proper burial atop Sagamore Hill."

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