Letter: Release Indian crime declination data
"Congressional leaders have recently asked the U.S. Justice Department for information about crimes that have not been prosecuted in Indian Country. The department has refused, saying that releasing the information could mislead the public and jeopardize criminal investigations.

As a tribal member who follows this issue, I criticize the department for not providing information requested by our congressional leaders. I believe there is a commitment to work in collaboration with each other to reduce crime in Indian Country. But to me, this is a obligation not carried out by the justice department.

According to our congressional leadership, 60 percent of crimes committed in Indian Country across the nation are not prosecuted. I guess it is fair to say that crimes committed on tribal lands are a low priority.

The justice department should release information on crimes not prosecuted in Indian Country. It could be beneficial for everyone concerned."

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Delvin Cree: Release the data on Indian Country crimes (The Grand Forks Herald 10/6)

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