Sherman Alexie talks to Savage Love [Mature Content]
"Dear Dan: For some reason, I have always found Native Americans to be sexually attractive. But the whole semi-dark skin and traditional breechcloth thing doesn't seem to be easy to find in porn or real life. I was wondering if you had some pointers for someone with a bad case of Native American Jungle Fever. There seems to be a distinct lack of Natives going about in basic buckskin "dress" these days. Native Amateur

"The letter writer is correct," says Sherman Alexie, the National Book Award–winning author who was willing to demean himself and risk career suicide by giving me a quote. "There is a dearth of Native American porn."

But Alexie tells me that once, while hunting for antique board games, he typed "cowboy and Indian action figures" into Google and found his way to a site that featured U.S. Cavalry soldiers and loinclothed Indians smoking more than peace pipes. But that's all he's got for us, pornwise. As for real life . . .

"There's just no way your reader is going to find an Indian willing to put on a loincloth for sexual purposes," says Alexie. "Unless that Indian is a seriously damaged, culturally disconnected, politically unaware, and unsafe-sex-practicing slut."

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