SBA hears from Alaska Native corporations
The SBA heard from Alaska Native corporations held a consultation session in Fairbanks, Alaska, on proposed changes to the 8(a) minority contracting program.

Alaska Native corporations said they oppose changes that would hinder their growth. Native corporation contracting has become a billion-dollar business and has helped firms that were in bankruptcy become profitable.

The SBA wants to increase oversight of the 8(a) program. Most of the criticism has centered on the Native corporations.

A recent Government Accountability Office report said 77 percent of 8(a) contracting was awarded without competitive bidding, a practice that has alarmed some Democrats in Congress. Rep. Edolphus Towns (D-New York) has requested a second GAO investigation, The Anchorage Daily News reported.

The next SBA consultation takes place in Denver on November 11.

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Federal rules in flux for Natives (The Anchorage Daily News 10/25)

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