Golfers seek out Choctaw man for his healing hands
Jim Weathers, a Choctaw man who grew up in California, is one of the most sought-after persons in golf even though he doesn't actually play the game.

After injuring himself during an Green Beret exercise, Weathers was trained in Japan as a reiki therapist. Under the tutelage of an 84-year-old healer, he studied for two years -- blindfolded.

"I’ve been doing this ever since I got out of the military," Weather, 46, told The New York Times.

On the road 36 weeks a year, Weathers now has as many as 40 clients on the PGA golf tour. He was recently seen massaging the injured left wrist of a player at the U.S. Open.

“No one really knows exactly what I do,” Weathers said. “They try to say, ‘Hey, he’s a massage therapist,’ but it’s more than that.”

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When in Pain, PGA Tour Players Turn to Healer (The New York Times 8/9)