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The great mystery of Connecticut's casino monopoly is why it lasted so long.


Montana is losing revenue because it does not allow table games, such as craps and roulette.


It's notable this year that the pari-mutuels, who've been ferocious competitors, have ended their 'circular firing squad' lobbying efforts and joined hands around a single call: a level playing field with the Seminole Tribe of Florida.


It’s the latest evidence that tribal gambling is very big business in Oklahoma and that money rolls from the tribes to the general economy.


Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun are not standing pat; they have joined forces to propose several casinos, placed strategically around Connecticut to thwart the results of encroachment.


Unfortunately, Texas is already experiencing a few of the consequences of gambling, such as the addictive qualities, exploitation of the poor and dependence on welfare.


As the State of Connecticut and its Congressional Delegation continue the premeditated genocide of the remaining three state-recognized tribes, we find it hypocritical of them to now want to open three additional casinos.


Florida should not become another Nevada with gambling casinos strung across the state, but that's the possible scenario with pending legislation in Tallahassee.


Fairness and equality should matter to all citizens of the New Mexico.


Muskegon County cannot afford the luxury of an Indian casino.


We do have plans to replicate in Florida what we have done in Alabama — create jobs and economic security, add to the tax base and fiscal strength of our state, and be good and charitable neighbors.


Absent the settlement agreement, the tribe would be free to develop its lands as it sees fit.


Tribe officials have said they will invest $180 million in the project and that they expect to create more than 1,200 new jobs.


The West Valley Resort represents a major economic boost for construction companies and workers who were hit so hard by the recession.


Don’t believe the spin that a massive Florida House gambling bill represents a 'contraction' in gaming.


The Menominee are our fellow Wisconsinites, they are our brothers and sisters; when opportunity is taken from them it is taken from all of us.


The appointment of Bobby Soper as president of the Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority this week represents fulfillment of a long-held goal of the Mohegan Tribe.


In many debates over gambling expansion, often the starting point is that all gaming is equal.


When Congress enacted the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act in 1988, it included an important provision to allow for self-regulation of Class II gaming by tribal governments


Don't they know how slot machines and marijuana would destroy the very fabric of the lifestyle we have built in harmony with the land our humble people cherish?


If you have reservations about marijuana, then a reservation teeming with marijuana might not strike you as a good idea.


Virginians are boosting tax revenues in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Why shouldn't we keep that money here?


Authorizing and regulating Internet poker in California is the only way to provide security and safety.


In past congressional sessions, this same bill was presented only to be stopped by the Democrat-led Senate.


It is time for Connecticut's tribal casinos to make their play.


Receiving a payment of $1,200 annually—that isn’t already dedicated to rent, mortgage, or electric bills—is a great benefit to tribal members, but it certainly isn’t enough to quit your job and start loafing.


To think that tribal gaming interests in Minnesota are going to sit back and let the lottery get away with this without offering their own products is fantasy.


Washington’s treaty tribes would find it easier to add electronic slot machines as their enterprises gradually expand.


The Menominee are right to challenge the Walker administration’s interpretation of the compact, and they deserve support from local leaders.


A proposal for a video gaming 'barcade' could open the door to full-scale casino gambling in Georgia, and as such deserves to come up lemons.


Idaho legislators reconsidering instant horse racing are on the right track.


The publishers of The Economist, I think, should be a bit more careful in their choice of words and story telling.


Bingo helped bond Oneidas together, bridge them into alliances with the non-Oneida community and lure tribal citizens back to the reservation.


The tribe clears up 'misinformation' about the tribal casino industry in Idaho.


The Ho-Chunk say they would invest upward of $200 million in the complex. It would create hundreds of construction jobs and between 1,000 and 2,000 permanent jobs.


Gov. Scott Walker (R) seems to have caved to pressure from evangelicals in Iowa.


To understand how Illinois dodged a large fiscal musket bullet shaped like a roulette ball, you’d have to understand what Wisconsin Gov. Scott “Scooter” Walker wants more than anything else.


Our question is how much more will taxpayers have to shell out before this horse is officially laid to rest?


The tribe is adding 41,000 square-feet of space to the casino and a 120,000 square-foot parking garage.


The decision to disapprove the compact strikes me as consistent with its approach in recent years to limit the scope of these types of agreements.


The tribes, understandably, fear their revenues could be adversely affected by fierce competition only a few hours away.


An article in The Economist is a reminder that we haven’t put the bad old days of racially distorted coverage of poverty beyond us.


The tribe faces a July 31 to renew key provisions of its Class III gaming compact.


California boasts having the nation’s largest gambling industry with American Indian casinos, card rooms, race tracks and the lottery generating net revenues of roughly $10.4 billion a year.


So gaming venues in some places appear to be crapping out even as the economy improves.

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