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U.S. Supreme Court
The U.S. Supreme Court issued some big rulings before going on break for the summer. How do the cases impact tribes and Native people?
Phoenix, Arizona
Phoenix, Arizona, is the latest city to face federal allegation of police discrimination against Native people.
Kristi Noem
Is South Dakota peculiar, or is the state driving a trend in anti-Indian policies, sentiments and behaviors?
Bush Foundation Fellowship
A half dozen Indigenous leaders are getting a boost for incorporating traditional connections with making people and their communities better.
House Committee on Appropriations American Indian and Alaska Native Public Witness Hearing Day 2, Afternoon Session
Over two days of hearings, the House Committee on Appropriations heard from dozens of Indian Country leaders who testified about their funding needs.
House Committee on Appropriations American Indian and Alaska Native Public Witness Hearing Day 2, Morning Session
The House Committee on Appropriations heard from dozens of Indian Country leaders who testified about their funding needs.
Stolen People, Stolen Benefits
Nearly a year after the state of Arizona announced a crackdown on a Medicaid scheme exploiting vulnerable Native people, tribal citizens are still calling for action to combat the problem.
House Committee on Appropriations American Indian and Alaska Native Public Witness Hearing Day 1, Afternoon Session
The House Committee on Appropriations is hearing from dozens of Indian Country leaders who are testifying about their funding needs.
COVID-19 Vaccinations with the Navajo Nation
Native people die by suicide at rates higher than any other racial or ethnic group, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Bad River
Native sisters, a Native artist’s art installation and a tribe’s fight against an oil pipeline are the subject of new films.
Tommy Orange
In his new novel, Tommy Orange weaves together the complex history of the Indian boarding school era as witnessed by the ancestors to the characters in his best-selling debut.
Chuck Hoskin Jr.
For the good of all Oklahoma, it’s time to leave behind a 19th century mindset and recognize that Cherokee Nation and other tribes bring huge benefits for the state.
Camp Nenookaasi
As dangerously bitter winter weather takes hold of the country, efforts to help unsheltered Native people face closure.
Morgan Farley
Native Americans for Community Action provides health services primarily to Native people, on and off reservation, in Arizona.
Gatherings Cafe
What’s on The Menu at Native America Calling? A new cookbook, a new cafe and a new spotlight on a catering business.
Fawn Sharp
Indian Country is on high alert as the U.S. government prepares for a possible shutdown, the first of its kind in more than three years.
Center for Native Futures
The Center for Native Futures is opening in the heart of downtown Chicago, providing a new home for contemporary Native artists.
Bruce Westerman and Raul Grijalva
Bipartisanship seemed to be on rare display on Capitol Hill as lawmakers advanced a trio of bills benefiting Indian Country.
Roselyn Tso
After years of work, tribes finally achieved a historic first for the Indian Health Service. But Republicans are already ripping apart the funding agreement.
White House Tribal Youth Forum
Dozens of young Native people flocked to the nation’s capital for the return of the White House Tribal Youth Forum, where they saw food sovereignty in action.
Elizabeth Hoover
A scholar who has made a name for herself in Native food sovereignty has vowed to stop claiming to be of “Mohawk/Mi’kmaq descent” despite doing so for decades.
Indians Allowed
A business in South Dakota that banned Native patrons from the premises is being sued by the United States government for racial discrimination.
Roselyn Tso and Jonathan Nez
For the first time in nearly two years, the Indian Health Service has a permanent leader.
House Committee on Natural Resources markup of H.R.2021, the Environmental Justice For All Act
The House Committee on Natural Resources meets for a markup on H.R.2021, the Environmental Justice For All Act.
Sean Sherman
Indian Country’s most celebrated chef is facing calls for greater accountability after hiring a domestic violence offender.
Legislative Hearing to receive testimony on S. 4104, S. 4439 & H.R. 5221
The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs holds a legislative hearing on three bills on July 20, 2022.
Prince Rupert, British Columbia
Three young Indigenous people died under mysterious circumstances in Prince Rupert in British Columbia. The investigations into their deaths were inadequate.
'Indians Welcome' - Alcatraz Island
“Through the Decades” remembers the politics, significant events, and pop culture that helped shape Native America.
Akisa 2022
An ambitious showcase of Native talent devolved into controversy and recrimination as performers and vendors were left in the dark about the event.
'Faces From the Interior'
“Faces From the Interior” at the Joslyn Art Museum in Nebraska features Native perspectives on portraits of their people.
House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations - The Opioid Crisis in Tribal Communities
The House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations holds an oversight hearing titled “The Opioid Crisis in Tribal Communities.”
'Indians Allowed'
The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is calling on the Department of Justice to investigate a business that has banned Native patrons.
'Indians Allowed'
The people of the Dakota, Lakota and Nakota nations came together to take a stand against racism and discrimination on their homelands.
Harold Frazier
When those wagons first began their way to break treaties and settle on our territory we were classified as lesser beings and genocide was justified as such.
Jill Jim, Roselyn Tso, Jonathan Nez
The federal agency charged with providing health care to more than 2 million American Indians and Alaska Natives has gone without a permanent leader for six of the last seven years.
Western Native Voice
Digital kiosks and legal arguments are one Native nonprofit’s answer to Montana’s new election laws.
Pawnee, Oklahoma
A growing number of Indian Country organizations are distancing themselves from Walter Roy Echo-Hawk Jr. following revelations of the criminal charge against the prominent artist.
Native America Calling NAC
A thriving group of Laguna Pueblo citizens maintain their tribal connections at a distance. Learn more about this unique colony on Native America Calling.
Navajo Nation
Tribal communities are once again seeing an explosion in COVID-19 cases following the busy holiday season and as a new and highly contagious variant brings upheaval to Indian Country.
March for Lost Children
Native children continue to be overrepresented in state foster care systems, taken from their homes at high rates.