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StrongHearts Native Helpline
On the cusp of its seven-year anniversary, StrongHearts Native Helpline is building partnerships and gaining support from grants awarded to sustain culturally appropriate support and advocacy for Native people.
Native Youth
The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians announced $1 million in donations to 10 non-profit organizations across the nation.
5th Circuit Court of Appeals
“Decades worth of legislation designed to protect women are being overturned by judges appointed by conservative politicians with an agenda that does not align with the vast majority of Americans,” said CEO Lori Jump of StrongHearts Native Helpline.
StrongHearts Native Helpline is working to uplift the voices of survivors by recognizing the strength and resilience of Indigenous peoples.
StrongHearts Native Helpline
Domestic violence doesn’t discriminate; and anyone can experience domestic violence, including children, women, men, elders and LGBTQ2S+ individuals.
Strong Hearts Native Helpline
When it comes to Natives who are impacted by domestic and sexual violence, advocates are faced with resource disparities beyond compare.
StrongHearts Native Helpline
Domestic violence experienced by Native people is an extension of the harmful effects of colonization.
U.S. Supreme Court
The legacy of colonialism continues to exist in 2022 through this most recent action by the U.S. Supreme Court to deny Native — and all — women the right to body sovereignty.
StrongHearts Native Helpline
Our healing has only just begun and we speak our truth so that we, and others, may find healing.
StrongHearts Native Helpline
There is a severe resource gap impacting the ability of tribes to address intimate partner violence in their communities.
StrongHearts Native Helpline
As a helpline dedicated to serving Native Americans and Alaska Natives impacted by domestic, dating and sexual violence, StrongHearts Native Helpline honors our relatives and communities impacted by Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives (MMIR) and those working to end this crisis.
StrongHearts Native Helpline
In Indian Country, the abusive tactics of domestic violence have their roots in colonization.
StrongHearts Native Helpline
Sexual violence is far too common throughout Native communities.
StrongHearts Native Helpline
A prominent photographer who built a sizable following online with posts featuring Native women and girls is stepping out of the spotlight after survivors came forward with accounts of trauma.
StrongHearts Native Helpline
Native Americans and Alaska Natives are the most vulnerable to domestic violence.
Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month
You are sacred. You deserve a healthy relationship, where you feel safe and loved.
Michelle Demmert
Indian Country is making another push to restore tribal jurisdiction over non-Indians who commit violence in their communities.
Justice for Kozee / MMIW
The loss of an Indigenous woman’s life is all too familiar in our communities.
Domestic Violence Awareness Month
Violence against Indigenous women is preventable and will end when Indian Nations have the full authority of self-government.
StrongHearts NativeHelpline
You are the best person to judge your safety.
StrongHearts Native Helpline
When we say, “domestic violence is not traditional,” it is to remind Native Americans of a time before colonization.
StrongHearts Native Helpline
Abuse can happen to anyone.
StrongHearts Native Helpline
Abuse is not okay and it’s not okay to live in fear.
Victims should never blame themselves. You are not responsible for the abusive behavior.
Your body. Your sovereignty. Your decision.
While we know using alcohol can strain a relationship, it is not the cause of domestic violence.
Although StrongHearts Native Helpline does not have an established volunteer program at this time, there are many ways to help.
In recognition of Native American leadership in the field of domestic and sexual violence, StrongHearts Native Helpline is presenting a series of columns featuring individuals making a difference in Indian Country.
Colonization imposes and promotes the domination and ownership of Native women by men, as reflected in the increasing rates of violence against Native women since first contact.
Every October during Domestic Violence Awareness Month, advocates and communities across Indian Country and the United States rally together to honor survivors of domestic violence and support abuse prevention.
Having lived through genocide and horrific suffering, the aftermath of European contact and colonization continues to not only haunt Native Americans, it wreaks havoc in their everyday lives.
When StrongHearts Native Helpline was formed, the organization underwent a process to choose a Native American logo that could represent the virtues of strength, resilience, empathy and protection.