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Fort Apache Tribe Basketball
Basketball is revered on all of Arizona’s reservations, and one team from the White Mountain Apache Tribe benefits from that enthusiasm.
A high school basketball team from a small reservation made it to the Nebraska state championships for only the second time in the community’s history.
Lakota Nation Invitational
The 45th annual Lakota Nation Invitational in Rapid City, South Dakota, is underway.
Phoenix Suns OrigiNativ
At a time when some holdout sports teams ignore calls to end problematic mascots and imagery, some teams are turning to Native designers for appropriate designs.
Thoreau Hawks and Zuni Thunderbirds
Native athletes, along with their parents and loved ones, are gearing up for important basketball match-ups and tournaments.
Native American Basketball Invitational
The least favorite person on the Rezball court is usually the referee.
Alaskan Nets
The documentary film ‘Alaskan Nets’ follows the quest of a pair of athletes from the Metlakatla Reservation.
Wildcat Den
“It’s like the heart of the Navajo Nation here,” coach Francine McCurtain says of basketball on the largest reservation in the United States.
Alaskan Nets
The documentary film Alaskan Nets follows the quest by a pair of athletes from Alaska’s only reservation.
For the first time in three decades, the Winnebago Lady Indians have made it to the basketball playoffs in Nebraska.