Yellow Bird: Events help teach about Native culture
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MONDAY, MARCH 31, 2003

"It is time to listen to the old and new songs of Native people. It is time to hear what they have to say. The songs will come from the drums and singers at the annual Native American celebration - UND's 2003 Time-Out week, March 31 through April 4. The voices will be a part of a week of seminars and workshops.

Several years ago, Native American students were given the task by former UND President Tom Clifford to help educate and teach the community about the Native American culture. One of the results is the Time-Out week.

The students have done well, and this year will be no different. Here is a small sampling of some of the ways the UND Indian Association is extending a hand to the community and asking it to participate and learn about the tribes of this region.

After a grand opening and welcome by UNDIA President Ryan Eagle and Leigh Jeanotte, director of Native American Programs at the university, a presentation will be made that will introduce to novices and experts alike the different styles of American Indian dancing and singing.

This is important."

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DORREEN YELLOW BIRD COLUMN: Put UND's Time-Out week on your calendar (The Grand Forks Herald 3/29)

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