Yellow Bird: Protecting the Badlands
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"Environmentalists want legislation that will keep this part of North Dakota as it is, and I agree with them.

It doesn't take long to destroy this kind of wild beauty. I saw that as I drove from New Town to Dickinson, N.D. I followed State Highway 23 that cuts through the Fort Berthold reservation and one of the arms of the Badlands.

Several years ago, a new bridge that crosses the Little Missouri was built. The old bridge, called Lost Bridge, was destroyed. It was narrow and old, but also a part of North Dakota history. When the area was being developed, the bridge was built to explore the Badlands and as the story goes, it was lost for some years. . ."

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DORREEN YELLOW BIRD COLUMN: Grasslands, Badlands deserve more protection (The Grand Forks Herald 9/7)

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