Yellow Bird: It's cold but it's home
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"This white-knuckle flier flew across the country to State College, Pa., to visit Penn State University this past weekend. For most of the trip, we were on those small prop jets that bob up and down like a cork in rough waters.

I was a speaker for the American Indian Heritage Month at the university's College of Communications and Multicultural Affairs program. While there, I couldn't help but compare Penn State to our own UND.

When I arrived at State College at 11 p.m. Thursday, I was a wreck. I was so stressed from my flight that I nearly dropped to the ground and screamed thank you on the sidewalk. The speech I was to give the next day was a piece fried bread and chokecherry jelly compared to flying.

It was snowing the next day. On my tour around campus, smiling professors and staff joked that this should make me feel at home. Well, frankly it wasn't cold enough. It was a wimpy snow that melted, and the wind was actually warm by our standards. I snickered to myself when those Penn Staters pulled up their jackets around their ears and said they couldn't stand the cold. “Ha!” I thought. 'This isn't cold.'"

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