Yellow Bird: We can learn from TIME report
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"Time magazine reporters Donald Barlett and James Steele missed the mark on some issues in their December two-part series about tribal casinos. The articles leave the reader with misconceptions and new stereotypes that affect not just casino tribes, but all Indian people.

Yet, tribal governments - real tribal governments - need to examine some of the issues revealed in the series.

In Part I of the series, the reporters paint a picture of select American Indian tribes that make billions of casino dollars with non-Native backers, while feeding off the federal government and cheating their own people out of casino wealth.

In Part II of the series, what seems to provoke and annoy these reporters most is that Indian casinos have learned the art of buying influence in Washington, D.C. Indeed, some tribes have found money can put a senator or congressman in their pocket.

Underlying this sweeping article that makes no cultural distinctions between American Indians, there is a ring of truth."

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