Yellow Bird: Appreciating art
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"Great art for one person may be just so much hooey for another person - or perhaps so much elephant dung or so many old cars.

Remember the 1999 piece by Chris Ofili? It is called “Holy Virgin Mary, Lightning-rod canvas with elephant dung.”

The painting evoked outrage, and many people were offended, saying it desecrated a Christian symbol.

At first look, it is difficult to tell whom the artwork was depicting. Many of us had to be told the figure in the painting was the Virgin Mary. The elephant poop that made the painting such an item of controversy was not as obvious as some critics had suggested, as well.

So, unless the painting is explained, it is difficult to be offended. . ."

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DOREEN YELLOW BIRD COLUMN: Stretch the imagination to appreciate art (The Grand Forks Herald 8/27)

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