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Abramoff Scandal
Ex-Kickapoo officials suggest Abramoff behind ouster

The former chief of the Kickapoo Tribe of Texas and his non-Indian associate are insinuating that Jack Abramoff helped orchestrate their ouster.

Raul Garza, the former chief and Isidro Garza, a non-Indian who is no relation, were kicked out of office by tribal members who said they were fed up with corruption. The Garzas, along with a host of other non-Indian associates of the tribe, have since been indicted on charges of stealing more than $900,000 from the tribe.

But the two Garzas seem to think they can gain some special treatment from federal prosecutors by sharing their dealings with Abramoff. The tribe gave $25,000 to Americans for Tax Reform, a group headed by Abramoff's ally Grover Norquist, in order to attend a meeting at the White House with President Bush.

The two Garzas suggest Abramoff may have retaliated against them because the former chief refused to hire Michael Scanlon, Abramoff's partner in crime. The tribe also declined to hire Abramoff as its lobbyist.

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$25,000 to Lobby Group Is Tied to Access to Bush (The New York Times 3/10)

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