Not all Natives pleased with residential school deal

The Assembly of First Nations is hailing as "historic" an agreement to mediate residential school abuse claims but not everyone is optimistic about the deal.

Robert Joseph, a former student, said he is worried mediation will take too long. "It reminds me of the old adage, justice delayed is justice denied," he told CBC News.

Attorney Jon Faulds, who is representing about 900 former students, welcomed the agreement. But was also worried that settlement will be many years away.

AFN is calling for a lump-sump payment to all former students. This type of settlement could cost up $6 billion (Canadian). The Canadian Bar Association has recommended a similar payout.

In 1998, the government created the Aboriginal Healing Foundation with a $350 million investment to fund programs to address physical, sexual and mental abuse at residential schools. Most of the programs have shut down, CBC News reports.

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