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City seeks to join lawsuit over Mishewal Wappo Tribe recognition (12/15)
Appropriations bill requires study of Native Hawaiian recognition (12/15)
Opinion: Lumbee Tribe persistent in quest for federal recognition (12/15)
Supporters still hope for passage of Lumbee Tribe recognition bill (12/09)
BIA delays final decision on federal recognition for Juaneno Band (12/09)
Sen. Hagan to push for Lumbee Tribe recognition bill in final weeks (12/08)
New York county welcomes Shinnecock Nation federal recognition (12/08)
Sen. Inouye denies last-minute bid for Native Hawaiian measure (12/06)
Opinion: A 'race-based sovereign nation' has no place in the US (12/03)
OPB: Grande Ronde Tribes celebrate restoration of federal status (11/23)
Public Radio: Lawmaker in Kentucky backs tribal recognition bill (11/19)
Editorial: Support federal recognition for Lower Rogue in Oregon (11/11)
Hopes for Native Hawaiian self-determination 'as good as dead' (11/10)
Confederated Tribes of the Lower Rogue seek federal recognition (11/08)
Editorial: No question Pamunkey Tribe deserves federal status (10/28)
Coal-fired power plants on Navajo Nation rank as top polluters (10/26)
Pamunkey Tribe submits petition with BIA for federal recognition (10/21)
Editorial: Lumbee recognition bill falls victim to Senate trickery (10/15)
Editorial: More disappointment for Lumbee Tribe on recognition (10/07)
Supreme Court won't take on Schaghticoke recognition dispute (10/06)
Shinnecock Nation surprised by favorable ruling for recognition (10/04)
Hopes dimming for approval of Lumbee Tribe's recognition bill (10/04)
Not much action on bill to recognize Muscogee Nation of Florida (10/01)
BIA delays final decision on federal recognition for Juaneno Band (09/30)
Column: Schaghticoke Tribal Nation going strong after 400 years (09/27)
Shinnecock Nation revives lawsuit over federal recognition delay (09/22)
Lumbee Tribe sends chairman to DC to make push for federal recognition (09/15)
Editorial: Clock ticking on Lumbee Tribe's federal recognition bill (09/14)
Lumbee Tribe lobbies for recognition with Congress back in DC (09/13)
Lumbee Tribe raising $200K to pay lobbying firm for recognition bid (09/07)
Recognition of six groups in Tennessee declared 'null and void' (09/03)
Six groups in Tennessee to lose their recognition as state tribes (09/02)
Sandy Lake Band files lawsuit in hopes of gaining federal status (09/02)
Column: Virginia tribes seek spot of recognition at state capitol (09/02)
Juaneno Band of Mission Indians awaits BIA recognition decision (09/01)
Modoc Nation seeks federal recognition outside of Klamath Tribes (08/26)
Lumbee Tribe hires new lobbying firm to push for recognition bill (08/20)
Editorial: Reward Chinook Nation good deeds with federal status (08/18)
Siletz Tribes question 'Latgawa' group's claims for sovereignty (08/10)
Judge urges quick resolution of Shinnecock recognition challenge (07/22)
County votes to pass resolution to recognize Tsi-Akim Maidu Tribe (07/21)
Shinnecock Nation endures another delay over federal recognition (07/20)
Owner of a disputed junkyard claims to belong to 'Pembina' band (07/19)
RedState: Sen. Murkowski betrays conservatives on Hawaiian bill (07/19)
Editorial: Native Hawaiian recognition bill offers best protection (07/14)
Bill to recognize Duwamish Tribe hasn't moved in the past year (07/13)
Opinion: Tennessee fooled by false claims of Cherokee heritage (07/12)
Editorial: Lumbee leaders have to mend fences on lobbying flap (07/12)
Editorial: Groups in Tennessee lack the heritage for recognition (07/09)
Editorial: It's do-or-die time for Native Hawaiian recognition bill (07/09)
Deal paves way for Senate vote on Native Hawaiian recognition (07/08)
Lumbee chairman calls for unity in quest for federal recognition (07/07)
Cherokee lobbyist sues over recognition of groups in Tennessee (07/01)
Supreme Court asked to hear Schaghticoke recognition lawsuit (06/29)
Lumbee group starts recall petition over lobbying contract flap (06/29)
Lumbee Tribe maintains Senate support despite lobbying flap (06/25)
Shinnecock Nation interested in first tribal college in the East (06/23)
Cherokee Nation upset by recognition of groups in Tennessee (06/22)
Editorial: Only a 'miracle' can rescue Lumbee recognition bill (06/17)
Judge lets counties join Mishewal Wappo recognition lawsuit (06/15)
Lumbee Tribe to discuss federal recognition lobbying efforts (06/15)
Little Shell Chippewa Tribe closes office over funding dispute (06/15)
Shinnecock Nation expects phone call on federal recognition (06/15)
Lobbying firm sought to end relationship with Lumbee Tribe (06/08)
Lumbee Tribe kills controversial contract with lobbying firm (06/07)
Lumbee lobbying contract was negotiated by last chairman (06/04)
Lobbyist accuses Tennessee Indian panel of making threats (05/25)
Lumbee Tribe won't give up controversial lobbying contract (05/21)
Editorial: Lumbee Tribe should reconsider lobbying contract (05/20)
Lumbee leaders host meeting to explain lobbying contract (05/11)
Opinion: Lumbee Tribe lobbying contract makes no sense (05/10)
Lumbee Tribe holds meeting to discuss lobbying contract (05/07)
Lumbee group urges chairman to kill recognition contract (04/27)
Judge delays hearing over Mishewal Wappo recognition (04/20)
Duwamish Chair: Tribe struggles for federal recognition (04/19)
Editorial: Lumbee leaders gambling with recognition bid (04/19)
Lumbee council fails in vote to rescind lobbying contract (04/16)
Lumbee leaders threatened with recall over lobbying deal (04/13)
Lumbee group plans to discuss contract for recognition bid (04/08)
Descendants of Chief Little Shell seek their own recognition (04/05)
Commentary: Consensus on reforms to federal recognition (04/05)
Shinnecock Nation nears final decision on recognition bid (03/30)
Editorial: Don't treat Native Hawaiians like an Indian tribe (03/29)
Delvin Cree: Turtle Mountain group seeks own recognition (03/29)
Editorial: Let Little Shell Chippewa Tribe resolve problems (03/29)
Letter: Leadership turmoil within Little Shell Chippewa Tribe (03/26)
State won't get involved in Little Shell Chippewa dispute (03/24)
State recognition rules a subject of dispute in Tennessee (03/22)
Editorial: Hope fading fast for Lumbee Tribe's recognition (03/22)
Rival Little Shell Chippewa group to swear in leadership (03/19)
Lumbee Tribe ends relationship with longtime attorney (03/19)
Indian legislation moving in Vermont, New Hampshire (03/18)
Opinion: Native Hawaiian bill creates race-based entity (03/15)
Opinion: Say 'aloha' to Native Hawaiian recognition bill (03/03)
Editorial: Reject recognition for Native Hawaiian entity (03/01)
Native Hawaiian recognition bill clears vote in House (02/24)
Editorial: 'Scorn' for Native Hawaiian recognition bill (02/23)
Civil Rights commissioners slam Native Hawaiian bill (02/23)
GOP lawmaker expects vote on Native Hawaiians (02/19)
Another Little Shell council member resigns position (02/17)
Mackinac Bands seek treatment as separate tribe (02/12)
Little Shell Chippewa Tribe stands to lose big grant (02/11)
Little Shell council member resigns in protest of chair (02/04)
Wayne Newton draws attention to tribe recognition bid (02/03)
Judge delays hearing over Mishewal Wappo recognition (02/02)
Wayne Newton to testify on state recognition measure (02/02)
Opinion: Chinook Nation deserving of federal recognition (01/20)
Opinion: Understanding Native Hawaiian recognition bills (01/15)
New Lumbee chairman promises to push for recognition (01/15)
Column: Rep. Honda drawn into tribal recognition mess (01/11)

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