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Pine Ridge Reservation
The sooner we realize the fact that the colonists found democracy here on the continent, the sooner we can progress and enjoy freedom.
Tribal Flags
Ideally, a national flag is a symbol of pride and devotion to one’s country.
Land Back NDN Collective
As Natives, we have endured and survived the most atrocious, violent, and sadistic European immigrant vengeance.
Holy Rosary Mission
I learned that it was not good to be an “Indian.” We were supposed to forget our language and culture.
The Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868 requires the United States to provide health care to the Sioux Nation.
Lakota Waldorf School
Being born in a time when Lakota was spoken by nearly everyone around me allowed me to become fluent within 6 years.
According to Lakota oral tradition, the tasiyagnunpa speaks Lakota.
Lakota people are falling through the cracks due to lack of understanding on all sides.
My childhood, adolescent, and war experiences led me to perceive the world as cruel and impersonal.
On and around the Pine Ridge Reservation, we cope endlessly with racial intolerance.
As Lakota people, we struggle to experience even a fraction of what “white privilege” provides for the bigot in this country.
We have living conditions that hinder our desire to be treated with dignity and to be governed equitably or even to be truly self-governing.
We as Native people have a humongous task of relearning our cultural teachings.
Some tribal governments are a manifestation of colonialism, whereby those who play the game (elected officials, federal and tribal employees) often stand to reap personal financial gain.
Our ancestors told us to always think seven generations ahead and conduct ourselves accordingly.