'Fighting Sioux' supporters launch last minute nickname appeal
Members of the Spirit Lake Dakotah Nation make a last-minute appeal to preserve the "Fighting Sioux" nickname and logo of the University of North Dakota.

As part of a settlement with the NCAA, UND agreed to eliminate the nickname and logo unless it could get the support of the Spirit Lake Dakotah Nation and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

Last year, members of the Spirit Lake Dakotah Nation voted to support the nickname. But the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe continues to oppose the "Fighting Sioux."

Members of the Spirit Lake Dakotah Nation asked the NCAA to reconsider the settlement. They said the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe should be given a chance to vote on the issue.

The appeal to the NCAA might be moot because the North Dakota Board of Higher Education already voted to retire the controversial imagery, The Grand Forks Herald reported.

Members of the the sought a referendum

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Last-minute appeal: Spirit Lake members urge NCAA to heed 'voices of our people' (The Grand Forks Herald 11/30)

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