Navajo Nation heads to polls amid charges facing one candidate
Members of the Navajo Nation will choose a new president on November 2 in what could be a historic election.

Lynda Lovejoy could be the first woman to lead the largest tribe in the U.S. "More traditional people are coming to embrace women leaders and put their faith in women, the former state lawmaker told USA Today.

Lovejoy appears to have the upper hand against Ben Shelly, the incumbent vice president. Shelly has been accused of misusing tribal funds and his running mate, Rex Lee Jim, a former Navajo Nation Council delegate, also was charged.

"There's only one date coming up that can possibly be the reason for the rush, and that's the election," David Jordan, an attorney who represents another defendant in the case, told the Associated Press.

Shelly and Jim have pleaded not guilty to the charges.

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