Editorial: Vote on Navajo Nation reform initiatives
"The Navajo people Tuesday have three choices they can make about their own government.

The first one, and perhaps most important, is whether to vote.

The second one, for those who do, is whether they want to reduce the size of the Navajo council from 88 to 24 members.

The third decision to make is whether to allow the Navajo president the power of line-item veto.

We recommend yes, yes and no, and then that you elect a new president and council.

Yes, you should go out and vote Tuesday if you are a member of the Navajo tribe. That, if nothing else, fires a shot across the bow for your Navajo leaders to see and realize that this is the beginning of a grassroots effort to take back control of a government gone grossly out of control.

Yes, you should vote to limit the size of the council to 24, then work hard to see that the 24 districts are fairly drawn on the map to provide proper representation for the populated regions and also for the more rural and less-populated portions of the Navajo Nation.

Finally, we suggest a no on the line-item veto. This seems to be too much of a power play by the president to put additional control in that office."

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