Ten men and two women seek Navajo Nation presidency

Twelve people -- 10 men and 2 women -- filed to run for president of the Navajo Nation, the largest tribe in the U.S., by Wednesday's deadline.

The field includes incumbent President Joe Shirley Jr. He's running for a third term even though Navajo election law imposes a two-term limit.

But the Dine Fundamental Law could give an opening to Shirley. In a related case, the Navajo Nation Supreme Court ruled that traditional laws can override the tribe's election laws.

The issue could hinder an already confusing election season on the reservation. Tribal voters passed a referendum to reduce the size of the Navajo Nation Council from 88 seats to just 24.

The Navajo Supreme Court heard a lawsuit challenging the referendum last month but has yet to issue a decision. The court also heard a dispute over the council's suspension of Shirley, who supported the referendum.

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