Column: Navajo Nation candidate blasts alcoholism allegations
"On the Navajo Nation (northwestern New Mexico, northeastern Arizona and a little slice of Utah), two New Mexicans are battling it out for the presidency of the tribe.

Lynda Lovejoy, a New Mexico state senator, and Ben Shelly, the incumbent vice president, will be on the ballot when Navajo voters go to the polls on Nov. 2.

The race is already one for the history books.

For starters, although the majority of Navajos live in Arizona, the next president is guaranteed to be a New Mexican. Lovejoy is from Crownpoint, and Shelly is from Thoreau. That hasn't happened in 70 years.

And, if she wins, Lovejoy will be the first female Navajo president of the Navajo Nation.

And here's another first, which you can file under "Cow, holy!"

Lovejoy recently sent out a press release denying she is an alcoholic.

The release opened with this statement: "Recently photographs have been circulated and statements have been made by Ben Shelly and his supporters purporting that I have been 'drunk,' 'hung over,' and that it would be a risk to vote for me because of these allegations set forth.

"Additionally," she continued, "there have been rumors circulated by the Shelly campaign and his supporters that I am an alcoholic. Under these circumstances, I am not an alcoholic and any statement that purports otherwise is fictitious and irresponsible.'"

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Leslie Linthicum: Alcoholism Disputed in Navajo Campaign (The Albuquerque Journal 10/7)

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